3 Reasons Jets Fans Should be Happy Their Team Sucks this Year

Now I know what you are thinking: we cannot handle another year of this dumpster fire of an organization. Look, I get that the title can be misleading because, to be quite frank, this franchise sucks every year. It is never about doing it the “right way” and building through the draft, it is always about bandage fixes that create some sort of fan appeal to put money in Mr. Woody Johnson’s pocket. New York is tired of waiting to be a contender. New York fans are impatient, New York is the harshest place to play, and on go the clichés that pressure Woody Johnson to produce a team that is never really “set”. Management barely stays the same, if you have two consecutive losing season well then good-bye, find a new job. There is no consistency, there is no chemistry, and there is no foundation for the Jets. But this year, that all changes. Where does it start, you ask? It starts with being the worst team in the NFL next year and here are 3 reasons as to why Jets fans should be excited about that.

  1. Young Roster and Development

As of right now, the Jets only have 4 players on their roster who are thirty years of age or older. What this means is that younger, inexperienced players looking for an opportunity to prove themselves will finally have that chance. Jets fans will see a new generation of talent take the field and then see why they deserve to  be playing for the Green and White. These players are really trying to show that they belong in the League and we can expect them to give 100% every time they take the field. Not just mail it in like a certain wide receiver during week 17 in the 2011 season with the playoffs on the line.

mr woody.jpgRegardless, having a young team full of “no-names” means there will be great opportunities for the players to develop. In fact, that is why Woody Johnson said he would assess Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles this season. Hopefully he sticks to his word and doesn’t fire the two if/when the Jets go 2-14 this year. This also should help Bowles, who should not need to worry about winning games to save his job, actually develop the players like good coaches do, something the Jets have been lacking at.

  1. Ready for the L

Do you know how great it is going to be to be watching this team every Sunday with the mindset of already accepting the loss? Well truthfully as a fan of the team, I never wantla-sp-jets-leonard-williams-20161109 to see them lose, but I’m down for a high draft pick. This season will be weird for sure, but I do not think I have been more ready for a losing season. Like I said before, this season is all about development so I will gladly take a 2-14 if I see Quincy Enunwa, Leonard Williams, and Jamal Adams develop as the season progresses.

We are not expected to win at all. In fact, Vegas predicts that we have the worst record in the NFL. It will be fun to just watch with no expectations, no anxiety over an interception (I anticipate there will be many), not yelling when we give up a 70-yard touchdown. None of that. Simply watching to see who shows up to ball and hey, with every loss, we get closer to that top draft pick.

  1. Finally Doing it Right

This part is really easy to explain not much needs to be said. The Jets are finally rebuilding like a good team should. Look at the steps already taken; cutting many veterans that can be starters on playoff teams. I am talking about Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Nick Mangold, David Harris, Darelle Revis, and even Nick Folk. Maccagnan got rid of the age and big contracts so the Jets have cap room to use in the future when they are ready to make that jump. Usually, the Jets would sign some old free agents who were terrific in their heyday but fell off the wagon.jets-gm-mike-maccagnan.jpg

They would also overpay for the washed up player because throwing old pieces together is not a way to execute a win now mentality. Look at it this way, the Jets smell and instead of taking a largely needed shower, they have just been spraying on expired Axe.  Well guess what Jets fans, I think the Jets are finally taking that much needed shower and building a team that will contend in the future for many years to come.



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